Awareness To Change


Last day, January 23, my office make a one day seminar with subject "Awareness To Change". In this seminar, they open our mind that we must change right now! as soon as possible. They also teach us how to use left brain and right brain. The goal of this seminar is to increase work spirit, and at the end increase company profits.

Many method they used to build our mood, like sing a song that have good lyric, follow suit drum player, play interactive games and more. We must also write on papper the name of our enemy and why we hated them, and then we burn that papper. It's mean we must forget our enemy from deep of heart and start forgive them.

In other session, they command us to choose one item to breaking beetwen egg and bottle. Almost all of our friends choose egg as the target to break it. And the result is only one man can break the egg, it's mean he have big power on the hand. Actually, bottle more easy to break than egg, as we know the technique. Put bottle 45 degree and hit it with open hand at the top. The bottle will break.

At the end of the seminar, we feel become a new man, with many idea and spirit to work or to change our live better.

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