Driving License


Last week, my wife go to police office to get driving license. Usually, we just give some money to the police officer and they take our photo, and then Driving Licence in our hand. Simple and quick.

But, at this momment, we must disappointed. Yes, the above rules doesn't valid anymore. From now, we must follow the procedure to get driving license.

Actually, the procedure is easy.

First, we go to the doctor to get their reference.
Second, we go to the bank loket (BRI) and deposit some money.
Third, we take teory examination, if we pass this exam, we are going to practice exam.

The last procedure is take a photograph.

Many peoples surprised with this new regulation. They habitual with give some money, and the problem is solved. But, we'll wait and see the police consistency. I'm not sure this regulation will run for a long time.

So, one more time, just wait and see!

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